The following streets will be prayed for by Churches Together in Copmanthorpe on these dates, and we encourage you to join us;      

5 January             Barnfield Way, Homefield Close, Paddock Close, Wilstrop Farm Road.

12 January           Barons Crescent, Reygate Grove, Malbys Grove.

19 January           Vavasour Court, Fairfax Croft, The Recreation Centre.

26 January           Deacons Court, Vicars Close, St Giles Way, Beadle Garth, Bellmans Croft.


2 February           Drome Road, Temple Lane, Temple Garth.

9 February           Station Road, Station Cottages, Moor Lane, Dykes Lane

16 February         Moorland Gardens, Nalton Close, Leadley Croft, Hobson Close.

23 February         Church Street, Stakers Orchard, Horseman Lane, Horseman Avenue.


1 March               Horseman Drive, Horseman Close, Horseman Court

8 March               Rutland Close, Lynwood Avenue, Lynwood View.

15 March             Sutor Close, Millers Croft, Merchant Way, Saddlers Close.

22 March             Flaxman Croft, Gardeners Close, Faber Close

29 March             Barbers Drive, Bowyers Close, Coopers Drive, Drapers Croft.

5 April                  Learmans Way, Cloithers Court, Ploughmans Close, Farmers Way.

12 April                Sawyers Crescent, Thatchers Croft, Waggoners Drive, Fletchers Croft.

19 April                Lorriners Drive, Potters Drive, Ropers Court.

26 April                Wainers Close, Wheelwright Close Whistlers Close.


3 May                  Ostlers Close, Farriers Croft.

10 May                 Wattlers Close, Hatters Close, Herdsmans Drive

17 May                 Main Street, School Lane, The Youth Club, Templars Court, Manor House Gardens

24 May                Tadcaster Road, Weavers Park, Weavers Close, Smithson Court

31 May                 College Road, The Link, Manor Heath.


7 June                  St Nicholas Close, Pikehills Mount, St Nicholas Road, St Nicholas Crescent

14 June                Top Lane, Larkfield Close, Hallcroft Lane

21 June                Back Lane, Westfield Court, Manor Farm Close

28 June                Low Green, The School, Orchard Garth, Croft Farm Close                           


 If you would like any specific confidential prayer, please don't hesitate to contact either Rev'd Geoff Mumford  or Rev'd Glenda Webb.

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