As part of our continuing interest and desire to see God's word proclaimed as a church we support Mission Partners Evaldo and Rebecca Reid Rodrigues, working with CMS in Brazil. 

“We are serving with ReVive, a ministry in Olinda, north east Brazil, started by CMS mission partners Andy and Rose Roberts. ReVive works with girls who have suffered from abuse or exploitation and who now live at a house where the team helps them restore their lives. Rebecca has worked with CMS at ReVive since 2015 and Evaldo, a lawyer from Recife, has been volunteering there for several years. We met in 2014 and were married in 2018.”

We seek to bring the love of Jesus as a source of freedom and dignity for vulnerable girls and other people marginalised by society.

To give the marginalised a voice and to bring hope and healing in Brazil by working with abused children at ReVive.

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Olinda is a place with high levels of poverty and inequality, which leaves many children and young people living on the streets and vulnerable to drug addiction, sexual and physical abuse, trafficking and prostitution. Many young people grow up lacking both the motivation and knowledge to break the crippling cycle of poverty and abuse. Rebecca spends most of her time walking alongside girls as they work through their trauma and move towards healing. She works on creative projects, helping the girls capture good memories, as well as connecting with psychologists to help with the girls’ therapy. Rebecca also hopes to set up internships, further education and career opportunities for the girls. Evaldo has many roles too, including working with Christian families to overcome the legal barriers that can make it difficult to adopt. As a lawyer, his vision is to eventually create an organisation of Christian lawyers who are able to volunteer their time to help in three areas: representing those who can’t afford legal fees, combatting slave labour and assisting organisations and NGOs such as ReVive. As coordinator of ReVive’s work with the homeless, he meets many people who don’t have the basic paperwork – such as a birth certificate – to claim government assistance. He also deals with the legal paperwork for ReVive and offers legal assistance to the girls. Currently only five per cent of the cities of north east Brazil have a system of fostering, so Evaldo is helping ReVive navigate the red tape to implement a fostering programme. This means that girls can be cared for and rehabilitated in families rather than institutions.

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