As part of our continuing interest and desire to see God's word proclaimed as a church we support Mission Partner Corrie Verduyn, working with CMS at Kiwoke Hospital in Uganda.  Take a look at her regular Link Letters.

St Giles’ Church was delighted to welcome their CMS Mission Partner, Corrie Verduyn on Wednesday 1st July 2015. Corrie spoke briefly at the regular 9.30am Communion service and then joined the congregation for coffee and a chat in the St Giles’ centre.

Corrie also presented the work that she has been involved in lately in Uganda and the morning will ended with a Bring and Share lunch.

It was a super opportunity to learn more of Corrie's work in Kiwoko Hospital in Uganda and gain some insights into life in Uganda today. Corrie was only in England for a short time on this visit and was busy keeping contact with the parishes who support her and her work.

Further details can be obtained from Lenore Hill by emailing the office.